Class 4 Voip SoftSwitch with Wholesale Billing
safe, scalable and highly automated

What is Stealth System?

Class 4 voip softswitch with billing that offer many advanced features for wholesaler services. Based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Stealth is a scalable solution starting from 500 simultaneous calls to 10.000 simultaneous calls.

Stealth is highly automated and will allow your company to save time in the management of customers and price lists by using the automatic billing and the automatic price lists update in addition to many of the features of reports and alerts.


Indipendent Nodes

With multi server deployment you can have regional nodes (Europe, America, Asia...) to be near your partners and reduce latency issues. Each node works independently from the others and all converge in the billing platform.

Account Management

Manage allo aspects of your account: currency (EUR, USD), vat, credit limit, invoicing period, timezone ...Account management is extremely simple and intuitive allowing to define for each company many originators and terminators.

Quality Agreements

Define notification on quality markes as ASR or ACD to receive realtime notifications in case the supplier's performance doesn't respect the agreements anymore. The system can also send an e-mail to the supplier with alarm details.

Automatic Invoices

Configure your own invoice template. According to accounting informations, Stealth can automatically generate bill and invoices and manage real-time balance and credit limit of each customer.

Auto Update Rates

Easily configure templates for auto uploading your provider's pricelists, monitoring your rates by email. StealthSys supports the most common price list file types and will report all operations to you.


Realtime active calls, Aggregates Reports, Flexible Summary Reports, CDR, Calls per day, Flexible ASR/ACD Reporting, Payments Reports, Balance Reports, Data export: Accounts, Tariffs, Routing, CDRs

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